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Whenever you are getting estimates, do not be afraid to ask questions to ensure that you are going to receive quality results. We always prep a parking lot before painting to ensure all paint adheres correctly. We always blow any loose dirt, debris, or loose asphalt in striping areas.
Question: How do we ensure that we are getting a reputable company with the proper equipment and knowledge to perform our striping and pressure washing needs?
Answer : Simple, don't be afraid to ask questions concerning references, how they will perform the work, what type of paint are they going to use,
what kind of cleaning power their pressure washer has ( PSI, GPM, etc.).
Question: How long does it take for the paint in our parking lot to dry?
Answer : In most cases all paint will be dry in 1 hour however some temperatures require longer drying times our professional will let you know when things are safe to drive on.
Question: We are open 24 hours how do you handle this?
Answer : Our professionals have a business mind and will coordinate sectioning off areas with your contact person so we do not disrupt your business. In most cases we schedule around slower times to help this as well.
Question: Why do some people choose white lines over yellow lines?
Answer : Preference, It makes no difference to us which color you choose.
Question:Whats the difference of cold pressure washing or hot pressure washing? Which do I need?
Answer : PSI has a lot to do with this. With the right machine cold water will cleaning most anything, If we are doing gum removal for a business we use hot water, most anything else we use cold water with a very high PSI. 
Question: How do we get things going?
Answer : Simple, Once you have your estimate we need an authorized signature that you agree to the work to be done. You may do this with a signature on the estimate or you may email a written authorization to our email address on the about us page.
Question:We have very small parking area that needs to be striped do you have a minimum?
Answer : As with any business, to mobilize a team and equipment we do have a $450.00 minimum on striping. Pressure washing is $65.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.
Question:Is there somewhere other than your website where I can view you work?
Answer : Yes, you can view our Facebook page as we post photos of different types of jobs we have done. First Impressions Parking Lot Striping, LLC